Increase your conversion rate in 3
juicy, time & money-saving steps.

Step 1. Use Surveys Find out why your visitors leave your website without buying.

Step 2. Edit your page Use our simple page editor to change any content on your page. Implement A/B tests to optimise.

Step 3. Expose your visitors to interactions. Display smart interactions in order to convert more. Mix variables like location, weather & keyword to design more relevant interactions.

Watch what Marketizator can do for your site Play

Functionality #1: Surveys

NO, these are not the usual type of surveys.
YES, these are segmented surveys.

Choose a segment of visitors you want to find out more about.

Choose a template out of our collection of
Survey templates.

Start asking > Get answers > Use these real-time, actionable insights to adjust your website.

Crunch your way up to the conversion hall of fame.

Functionality #2: Page editor > A/B testing.

SMILE. With Marketizator you can freely change any text, colors or images on your page, without the help of a moody designer :)

Identify a segment of visitors with particular needs. From our editor, easily modify a page that speaks to them.

Then go and happily A/B test these versions to find out which one converts more.

Functionality #3: Interactions

Identify a hot segment of visitors. One that you want to address with a personalised message.

Choose a ready-made template from our massive collection of pop-ups, ribbons or banners (or design your own, if you like).

Mix location, weather, keyword, traffic source or history to design a specific, more relevant interaction.

Select time exposure, traffic allocation & goals... and start enjoying the sizzling sound of the conversion rate going up :)

Marketizator is happily converting for

split testing 100% Safety Guaranteed!

We want you to be a happy-go-lucky converter. So, if for any reason Marketizator doesn't work for you, we are ready to refund your expense within the first 15 days from the subscription date, no questions asked!

There are zillions of reasons to use Marketizator. Test it now!

How Marketizator works
This is how Marketizator works
What can Marketizator do for your business
What can Marketizator do for your business
How to use
This is how to use Marketizator
How to get more out of your traffic
This is how to get more out of your traffic

Why subscribe to Marketizator?

Because this is the only affordable tool that allows these 3 key actions in one place:
1. Segmented Surveys 2. Very simple page editing --> A/B testing (WITHOUT waiting for a designer to make
those little, yet time-consuming changes!) AND 3. Interaction display (banners, pop-ups, video, sound etc)
either from our template library or with your own material (and YES, no more waiting for the moody
programmer guy to help with these, too). Because it works, converting more traffic... for less money!

squeeze page Limited to 5.000
tested visitors
homepage optimization Limited to 30.000
tested visitors
visual website Limited to 60.000
tested visitors
internet marketing Limited to 200.000
tested visitors
Number of Interactions 19 100 1000 9999
No of supported websites 2 5 20 9999
Number of Surveys 5 10 100 9999
Trial Period 1 month 1 month 1 month 1 month
Advanced Segmentation (geolocation, weather, behaviour)
A/B Testing
MVT Testing
Basic Interaction Templates
Advanced Interaction Templates
Customer Support (email)
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(30 days free trial)
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There are zillions of reasons to use Marketizator. Test it now!